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Stephanie RowlandStephanie Rowland has changed the face of business etiquette in Seattle. For people who used to think of etiquette as a four-letter word (and a possibly boring presentation), Stephanie’s fun and energetic style has turned professionalism training into a breath of fresh air. However, she’ll tell you that good manners can be described in a four-letter word: “nice” – but never boring!

Known as the Puget Sound’s “Manners Lady,” Stephanie Rowland is a professional speaker who offers a complete array of keynote presentations, seminars, on-site training and private consulting - all designed to help business executives polish their professional presence from the board room to the dining room. Why bother? Because business runs on relationships, and long-lasting relationships are built over everything from a glass of wine to a formal dinner party or industry convention reception. It all begins with the perfect handshake and introduction. How do your business manners measure up?

Stephanie's energetic and entertaining approach to business etiquette training is catching! Her passion is helping you build strong and long-lasting business relationships through the power of common courtesy. Are you up for the challenge?

If you're ready to improve your social graces today, contact us about private etiquette coaching. After all, you have a lawyer, a doctor, and a hair stylist. Why not invest a little time in your professional presence and - stand back - the results will be stellar!

"Can a breach of etiquette at a business lunch or dinner cost you a business deal? You betcha! A client might see you use your dinner napkin to blow your nose and think, 'If you don't care enough to take care of social graces, what else are you going to mess up?' said Stephanie Rowland, who conducts etiquette seminars in the Puget Sound region."
Ben Miller
Puget Sound Business Journal